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Dream Vale Studios

Starlight Dragon Enamel Pin

Starlight Dragon Enamel Pin

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Limited Edition Pin - Origins Game Fair Pin Bazaar 2023.
Only 250 of these enchanting pins were produced.

Born from a realm of imagination, the design captures the essence of a majestic white dragon adorned in the resplendent hues of the Northern lights.

This dragon is associated with the perpetually starlit night sky, creating a theme of eternal beauty and cosmic magic. They represent the timeless nature of the cosmos and the mysteries that unfold in the vastness of space. Their Ivory Sanctum houses the many favored stars collected over its vast lifespan.

The pins are baked at high temperatures, ensuring the enamel is fused with the metal, creating a lasting and lustrous shine. The colors remain vivid over time, making these pins enduring pieces of wearable art. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a newcomer to the world of enamel pins, these limited editions add a touch of exclusivity to your collection.

Product Details:
🌟 Original Design by Arielle Cabral
🌟 Large 1” x 1.6" wingspan
🌟 Black Nickel plated and smooth hard enamel to create a polished, high-end look
🌟 Red Star clutch backings for fastening this pin in place
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