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Dream Vale Studios

Pastel Horseshoe Bat Enamel Pin

Pastel Horseshoe Bat Enamel Pin

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The pin embodies a sense of magic and enchantment, with the pastel colors and the mystical setting in the forest. The bat's presence and the accompanying skull to add an element of wonder and otherworldly charm. The pastel hues reflect the beauty of nature at night, and the bat, a creature of the night, symbolizes the mysteries and magic that come alive after dark.

Product Details:
- Original Design by Arielle Cabral
- 2.5 x 2.2 inches
- Silver Nickel Metal
-Baby blue clutch backings fasten this pin wherever you may place it.

Who is this pin for?
Anyone who loves the beauty of the night. This pin with its pastel hues mirroring the night sky, will resonate with those who are drawn to nighttime aesthetics and the mysteries that unfold after dark.
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